Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital reviews medical staff applicants

Hospital Professional Affairs panel recommends credentials report to full board

ALBANY — There are several physicians and mid-level practitioners seeking privileges to practice at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, a recent report from the hospital shows.

The Professional Affairs Committee at Phoebe reviewed a report on Monday that went through the Credentials/Bylaws Committee on March 24 and on the Medical Executive Committee on April 8. The report showed seven physicians from various specialties were eyeing a spot on the hospital’s staff.

They are neurologist Dr. William Garrett, psychiatrist Dr. Babar Hasan, urologist Dr. Peter Hinds, pediatrician Dr. Chantel Keizer, family medicine specialist Dr. Ifechukwude Nwadei, teleradiologist Dr. Mark Reckson and maternal/fetal medicine specialist Dr. Threvia West.

Garrett, Hasan and West are listed as locum tenens, meaning that they are temporarily filling in for someone else.

Also listed on the report are mid-level practitioners — who require a physician sponsor — applying to be on staff. Kimberly Greenhill, a certified registered nurse anesthetist, is looking to come on staff with anesthesiologist Dr. John Newton as a sponsor. Meanwhile, Terrance Hartmann, a physician assistant, is seeking to come on with internist Dr. Rowland Chigbu as a sponsor. Sabo Uba, a nurse practitioner, is wanting to come in with psychiatrist Dr. Angela Dawson as a sponsor.

Rachel Etheridge, listed as a specialty trainee, is applying to be brought in with obstetrician Dr. Thomas Talley as a sponsor. The report further showed that Dr. Niolfer Ahsan, a rheumatologist, is wishing to be moved from active to consulting staff.

The medical staff at Phoebe primarily takes on the role of looking into a physician applicants’ qualifications, in turn making a recommendation to the Professional Affairs Committee before the hospital’s full board makes final decisions. The report will go before the full board at its next regularly scheduled meeting, usually held the first Wednesday of the month.