ELEANOR DAVIS: Residents the losers in bankruptcy case

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Life savings are wrapped up in Seasons Christian residence

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

In a recent auction held by Rowell Auctions, the Seasons Christian Retirement Center was sold for $3.9 million.

This amount of money will only pay the bank and the lawyers involved. I just do not understand how all of Mr. Eidenire’s creditors can be paid before the residents, who stand to lose all of their life savings.

I am a resident of 11 years here at Seasons Christian. I, along with 147 other owners, will continue to lose our homes on Tuesday at the C.B. King Courthouse, where the judge will approve or disapprove the bid, whichever he thinks will give us a percentage of the bid.

I would like the residents of Albany to know that I paid cash to Mr. Eidenire when I purchased my home. My cost was $133,000, plus $400 monthly for the past eight years for maintenance. I received a contract, which was notarized and signed by Eidenire. This contract guaranteed me up to 85 percent of my money back when I died, moved or sold my place. All of a sudden, because he decided to claim bankruptcy, I will not receive any of my money back.

Please keep in mind that this was the life savings of most of the elderly that live here. Many of these elderly people are unable physically to challenge this. I worked and retired after 30 years as a school teacher. This money was all that I received from the sale of my home in Americus, plus more for which I worked all those years.

How could a lien be taken at Colony Bank for over $2 million on our paid-for homes without our consent? Also, I don’t understand why we lose our homes and Eidenire gets to keep his.

Attorney for the bankruptcy court, Walter Kelly, was seen on WALB May 8 stating that the sales should “get some money in the pockets of the people who reside here, then they will have the money they need to live out their lives in peace.” This did not happen July 25!

I feel that there is such an injustice here and I ask for the prayers of the people of Albany that the judge who handles this on Tuesday will at least see fit to do whatever is necessary to get the other residents and me at least a portion of our money back.