JOHN BRYANT: Gas pump prices redistribute wealth

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: High fuel costs impact blue-collar workers the most

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Instead of being the cowardly lion, if the P.C. police will allow me, I would like to roar.

I believe that gas prices are controlled by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as part of the redistribution of wealth. The price of gas slows down emissions because of less travel.

The redistribution of wealth is the higher the pump price, the higher the tax. The blue-collar workers who have to drive to and from work are the ones who suffer. The people that have all the electronics, fancy tires and wheels don’t seem to be too concerned.

As a result of all this, we hear more and more this time of year about staycation. People who can’t afford to go on vacation sometimes stay at home. Some even sell their vacation time and work straight through. A politician said we could increase the sanctions on Russia and provide fuel for these other countries thorough higher exports.