AARON LOVETT: Congress ignores obligation to notch babies

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: While taking care of other groups, the federal government unfairly penalizes notch babies

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Notch babies were born 1919-1926.

Born during these years means you and I are targets of discrimination. When we die, that’s the process of elimination.

The government has never paid, and never will. However, we are the generation that fought the wars and are now paying the bill.

We have been promised year after year, yet Congress has never lent an ear.

Billions have been given to settle Indian claims. However, our government doesn’t seem to even know our names.

Our government paid $1.2 billion to settle African-American grievances. They don’t seem to care if we have holes in our breeches.

We can fight wars that cost us trillions and never win, but they can’t pay their debt to notch babies. They must have lost their pen.

I’d like to tell our congressmen they will also get old some day. You may cheat us now, but you have a debt you must pay some day.



EDITOR’S NOTE: A “notch baby” is generally defined as a individual born between 1917 and 1921 who as a retiree received smaller cost-of-living adjustments than other retirees after Congress adjusted Social Security benefits in the 1970s.