WALT SPECHT: Traffic laws were written to be enforced

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: If a motorist has violated a law, he or she should be ticketed

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Everyone is criticizing the Warwick police for stopping and ticketing individuals for violating Georgia Code. Isn’t it the job of the police to assure these codes are universally enforced with no prejudice on their part? Doesn’t that mean they ticket any violator they discover in violation of this code? After all, how can one justify ticketing one individual, and allowing the next 20 violators to pass?

If the mayor of Warwick wants to allow her acquaintances to pass unmolested through Warwick, then she should petition the state to raise the speed limit. By code. An entity, not the state, with the ability to levy and collect fines can only collect a set amount and must then forfeit the remainder of the fine money to the state.

As to the piling on of charges, were there clear and just violations cited on each individual case? If so what is the problem? We have been told the laws and codes are to protect the citizens. By not enforcing them, are we not placing the citizenry at risk?

If you are going to operate a motor vehicle on Georgia roads, obey the rules and you won’t be inconvenienced. If you have so many things wrong with your vehicle that you need a bail bondsman, I don’t believe that you or that vehicle should be on the road. Wasn’t operation Mini Thunder all about what the state perceives as inadequate policing?

I have been driving through Warwick, Poulan and Dawson for 39 years at all hours of the day and night. Only stopped once. Happened to be in Warwick when the regional DUI taskforce had a roadblock in operation at 3 a.m. Was treated politely and sent on my way in an expeditious manner.