WARREN D. GRANT: Businesses that forbid guns should assure safety

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: An armed person has a chance to defend himself

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Every time there is a shooting which involves a white person or cop with a black man, all hell breaks loose. Scum like Cynthia Tucker, whom I consider little different than Al Sharpton, jump on the bandwagon. Nobody cares or gives a nickel’s attention to black-on-black crimes. This would be wrong because it shows the percentage of crimes being committed are from the black community, and the biggest threat to a young black man is another black man.

But my rub goes a little farther. Kroger, Starbucks and other wimps are bowing to the disgusting gun control advocates, to outlaw guns on their property. If I cannot carry a weapon because of the places banning guns, then it is my contention that they are liable for my safety. We all know that it is impossible to protect all the people shopping for groceries, as it would require one policeman for every shopper.

It’s like forcing me to become a victim whether I like it or not. It’s like saying to me, “You will just have to die if it comes to that, but we can’t allow guns on our premises as it is unsafe.” Stupid is stupid. Can you imagine a conversation between two mobsters going something like this?

“Hey, Louie, are youse packin’ heat?”

“Naw, the ol’ lady wants me to go to Krogers to get some steaks for tonight.”

“Youse need to be careful, Louie, there’s a lot of bad people out there.”

“I know, I just hope I don’t get shot. Hold my gun for me until I get back.”

If all organizations are going to ban weapons for lawful law-abiding citizens, then they should bear the brunt of any and all consequences from any harm caused by those who don’t bother to obey the law. Don’t make me out to be one of those ducks at the county fair that goes around and around that you try to shoot down. If you can’t protect me, at least let me try to protect myself.