HOW THEY'RE BITIN': Southwest Georgia fishing - Aug. 29, 2014 weekend

SWGA FISHING REPORT: A weekly outlook on how the fish are biting in Southwest Georgia lakes and the Flint River

THE FISHING LINE: ( * ) - poor; ( * * ) - fair; ( * * * ) - good; ( * * * * ) - excellent.

LAKE SEMINOLE ( * ): Bass fishing has gone from fair to poor. Frog-type baits and other topwater offerings fished in the grass early in the morning may pay off sporadically. Deep-diving crankbaits fished along deep river ledges are another possibility, as are Carolina-rigs with six-inch worms. Hybrids are still fair early and late on the flats. Crappies are slow. Look for them on channel ledges at 10 to 15 feet. Bream are biting on shallow-water sandbars early and late. Catfish are slow, but some channel cats have been taken on stinkbaits along the river channels.

LAKE WALTER F. GEORGE ( * * ): Bass fishing is fair and the fish are still in last week’s pattern. Fish structure such as points and humps or any similar cover. Best baits are deep-running crankbaits and Carolina-rigged worms. Fish directly in brushy or woody structure. Hybrids continue to school early and late over the ledges. Catch these fish with a shad-imitating crankbait. Crappies are fair. Ledges in 15 to 20 feet of water have been giving up some pretty good fish in moderate numbers. Bream are good, but individual fish are small as a rule.

FLINT RIVER ( * * ): A number of shoal bass anglers are doing well, particularly on the river’s extreme northern end and down south toward Newton. Leadhead grubs, shallow crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and topwater lures will all work from time to time. A few largemouths can be caught on Texas-rig worms fished near the banks. Bream are fair. Drift-fish with worms and crickets for fair catches that include some pretty good individual fish. Catfish are slow.

LAKE BLACKSHEAR ( * * ): For bass, target docks and brushpiles. Shaky-head rigs and Trick Worms are recommended baits. Night fishing is a good option now around dock lights and grass beds. Overall, bass are slow. Bream are biting reasonably well and fly fishing, though, slowing down, is still a pretty good option. Worms and crickets are the best bets. Crappies are slow in most spots. Live minnows fished on the upper lake may catch a few. Stripers and catfish have been quite spotty of late.