Scams posing as law enforcement, work from home advertisements

Albany police warn people of recently reported financial crimes

ALBANY —The Albany Police Department Financial Crimes Unit is warning citizens about two scams they have recently seen in the area.

In one reported scam, the victim was contacted by phone about his taxes by an individual posing as someone from the Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office and then transferred to another individual posing as someone from the Federal Crime Investigations Department. The second individual reportedly demanded that the victim immediately go to the bank to withdraw money to send for taxes he owed.

In the other reported scam, the victim reportedly received a work from home advertisement from Craigslist and she applied. She received a check in the mail and was told to cash it to buy office equipment so she could work from home, and an online message was received asking for the remainder of the money back. The bank found the check to be counterfeit, and stopped payment on it.

Officials warn people to beware of those posing as law enforcement requesting individuals to send money, and that citizens need to be very careful when responding to “work at home” ads posted on Craigslist.