JOHN BRYANT: Bills to farmers come the year round

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Writers should work on a farm before commenting on farming

In a recent article, I wrote about Cynthia Tucker working at a large grocery store. Now, I would like to see her work on a farm!

I would like for her to see firsthand where meat, vegetables, dairy products and other produce come from. I don’t want to leave out cereal and fruit and nuts. And how about tomatoes, watermelons and cantaloupes?

I had the privilege to work at a syrup factory in Tennessee and I found out that the last product of corn was corn chips. I am pretty sure that the stalks were mashed and squeezed until nothing was left but the pulp. They added flavoring to this to complete the chips.

Cynthia Tucker needs to comprehend that farmers have a growing season, like spring until summer. Meanwhile, the rent, utilities, feed bills, fertilizer and seed bills, and equipment bills are paid year round.