ROGER MARIETTA: Changes needed to proposed Albany dangerous dog ordinance

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The proposed ordiance can be improved by modifying it

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I sympathize with Ms. Weathersby’s letter that appeared to based on the media’s misrepresentation of my position on the proposed modifications to the dangerous dog ordinance. We recently lost our dog of 13 years to old age and I still get saddened when little things remind me of him. A couple of years ago we lost our cat whose death was hastened due to the bite of a Siberian Husky that got loose. My granddaughter was bit on the mouth a few years ago by a small mutt. She required two visits to the hospital and plastic surgery, but is almost completely better except for a slight scar. I was mauled when I was about 5 years old when a small Terrier attacked me. I am concerned about dangerous dogs and improving our current dangerous dog ordinance.

I requested a second reading of the proposed amendments to our dangerous dog ordinance for two stated reasons — one, to allow the newly elected commissioners to weigh in on the subject and, two, to improve the proposal by modifying it based on the evidence provided by other communities, including nearby Terrell County.

We heard from two speakers last week who both suggested solutions to our dangerous dog problem. Just from their comments and suggestions alone, I feel vindicated for insisting on a second reading of the proposed ordinance. We will hear from two other speakers on the 18th and I look forward to garnering their input before we have the second reading on Feb. 25.



EDITOR’S NOTE: Roger Marietta is the Ward IV representative on the Albany City Commission.