MARTY HELDENBERG: Pit bulls maligned by ignorant public

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pit bulls the victims of irrational stereotyping based on fear

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

In light of the recent publicity and pending decision regarding the breed of dog known as a pit bull, I am a pretty amazed at the ignorance expressed by the public.

I do not own a pit bull, however, in researching the breed and listening to people who do, I fail to understand why they are singled out with the misguided notion that they are, by nature, mean and vicious or constitute a threat to people.

The logic of this escapes me. It’s like saying we shouldn’t trust people who are Germanic in ancestry because Germans have a history of invading other countries and they might be more warlike. Insurers have been allowed to discriminate against bully breeds because it plays on that prejudice. Anything they can do to lower any possible exposure means their profits are higher. The stats don’t lie — the No. 1 biting breed in the U.S. is the cocker spaniel , but cocker spaniel biting cases aren’t sexy and don’t sell newspapers.

They are awesome dogs. There is nothing wrong with a bully breed dog and those that discriminate against them are perpetuating an irrational stereotype based on fear. Every dog stands on its own merits, regardless of breed.

We have two rescued “thrown away” dogs, found alone on country roads. Their breed is a mystery, but I would hate to think that either could suffer any degree of discrimination based on their doggie genes! We get from them what we give — lots of love, protection and adoration! I am an avid believer in the positive benefits gained in caring for animals of any persuasion, and hope that good old common sense will prevail in this upcoming vote!