WALT SPECHT: Gang members are more dangerous than pit bull

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Where is the outcry against gang members?

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Where is the hue and cry for an ordnance against underage miscreants known as gang members? I look at them as way more dangerous than a pit bull, for they will not only injure citizens and each other, but will steal to support their lifestyle.

Hold the parents accountable. Make them contain these individuals at home in appropriate holding facilities. Do not allow them on the streets without proper adult supervision. Just think what this would do for our schools, malls and parks, possibly once again making them areas where average citizens feel safe.

Why did we and our parents feel this safety years ago, and now we no longer feel that way? It is the change we have allowed in the way miscreants are treated. They seem to have more rights than the rest of us, more groups looking out for their rights and forcing us to give up our freedoms to accommodate theirs.

So, let’s deal with real problems. Muzzle all dogs, not just pits; shoot all strays, and most all of our dog problems will go away. Now, about those miscreants, I believe the lawyers would be upset with us.