JERRY HEATH: Crictics of farm bill have not done their research

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nearly four out of every five farm bill dollars go to food nutrition programs

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

In the past few week, I have read in The Herald Squawkbox and overheard several people complaining about the government’s proposal to cut 1 percent off the food stamps program. I doubt very seriously they know how much money that is, but I’m going to tell them. It’s $7.56 billion.

These people even went so far as to suggest the government cut the farm bill in half and stop paying out all that crop insurance to those farmers who get plagued by drought or other foreseen setbacks and hardships, and leave food stamps alone.

Well, I have a wakeup call that you folks complaining about the $956 billion farm bill can think about while you are eating your bacon and eggs, whole-grain muffin, or corn flakes — by the way, none of which would be here without a farmer.

Crop insurance payouts are only 4.9 percent, or $89.8 billion, of the farm bill. Six percent, or $56 billion, goes to conservation. Nine-tenths of a percent, $8.2 billion, goes to what they call “everything else,” and then we have 4.6 percent, or $4.4 billion, going to the commodities program, and we all know what that is.

But here’s what you’ve all been waiting for — 79.1 percent, or $756 billion, goes to what? Food stamps!

Ddo you still want to cut the farm bill? “When you complain about a farmer, don’t talk with your mouth full,” or at least do your research and know what you are complaining about!