Parents of Albany murder victim to sue monitoring company

Parents plan to sue judicial monitoring company

ALBANY — The family of an Albany murder victim plans to file suit against an electronic monitoring service they say allowed the suspects in the case to violate their house arrest orders.

Jamey Spurlock was gunned down Dec. 22 on a dirt road in an attempted robbery near Silica Drive. Spurlock’s parents, Mary and Robert Spurlock, and their attorney, Joseph Durham, say that two of the five suspects in the case were wearing court-ordered monitoring devices, but he contends the monitoring company lost contact with the suspects prior to Spurlock’s death.

“It was really a shock to the family,” Durham said. “Something was wrong here, pure and simple.”

Durham said he has sent a letter to the Judicial Electronic Monitoring Service, informing them of the suit, which Durham says he expects to file within a few days.

“Unfortunately, money would be the only thing available to the Spurlocks,” Durham said, “But the real reason they want to go ahead with this is to get some answers. With this process we can force some people with information to come forward.”

Durham also represents the family of Walter Phelps, an Albany business owner killed by a gunman in 2010. The man accused of that murder was also wearing a monitoring device, Durham said.

“I’m disappointed and saddened that in a town the size of Albany we could two such cases,” Durham said. “Something is not being done right.”