STEVEN T. TRAMBONI: Government is picking to pockets of distracted Americans

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The federal government has gotten out of control

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

While working Americans fritter away their free time distracted with mindless entertainment, a firmly entrenched, overblown, out-of-control, overreaching, bureaucratic government is picking their and future generations’ pockets. The greatest ruse perpetrated by the establishment-controlled government is that we actually have any say in the process. Those preordained candidates that actually make the ballot are handpicked shills, vetted for their subjective tendency to placate their corporate and political benefactors.

It’s increasingly rare that arguments for proposed policy actually match political motives. Politicians resort to dramatics by appealing to human nature, our natural tendency to help those in need, our patriotic sense of duty and dedication to freedom and the American way. This is largely subterfuge intended to disguise their true intentions which are self-enrichment through wealth and power.

What has resulted from all this subterfuge and deception is the destruction of our constitutional freedoms. Government has erected a surveillance state and systematically dismantled our civil liberties in the name of security, all the while firmly entrenching the bureaucratic, corporate, industrial complex, which is enslaving and not representing Americans.

Unless we, the taxpaying citizens of this country, begin to take politics seriously, unless we choose to put our country’s problems ahead of mindless entertainment, we will lose what is left of the freedoms and liberty that our forefathers and all those since have worked, fought, bled and died for. I urge all responsible Americans to make it a habit to call and write their representatives on all issues that threaten to destroy this country.