JULIE SELLERS: The success of the Night of Hope Gala was due to work of many

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: While fundraising is challenging, the Albany community came through

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

As a volunteer for the Cancer Coalition of South Georgia’s Night for Hope Gala, I would like to express our committee’s appreciation to the many individuals who helped to make this year’s event a tremendous success. Whether it is those who sponsored our event, donated items for our auctions or guests that attended this year’s gala, each and every one of you have played a major role in the fight against cancer.

With the current economic climate making fundraising more challenging for everybody, we are continually inspired by the generosity of those in our community who came forward to help us exceed our goals.

We would also like to thank this year’s planning committee for the many long hours spent in making this year’s gala an outstanding event. Their dedication and support for the Cancer Coalition is truly appreciated.

We look forward to next year’s Night for Hope Gala and will continue to lead the fight against cancers of all kinds. Through continued prevention, education and research, the Cancer Coalition’s message of Fighting Cancer … Right Here. Right Now. can be achieved. Together we can make this happen!



EDITOR’S NOTE: Julie Sellers is a planning committee member for the Night of Hope Gala.