NADINE M. MATHIS: Our America is running into big trouble

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: People should be more willing to help those in need and in trouble

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Our nation is in trouble. We, the people here, need all of us who know how, what and when to live accordingly so all people may see how, what, when to live. We should talk, promote good ideas in public stores, and riding in cars, railway and airplanes, so that people may see how to live.

People should give smiles and take time to help someone out there in need. Some of our people have not had the privilege of living the good life, and some just don’t care about life. Life is precious, however, some people don’t have a good life and we as American people are for self only, and it’s getting worse by the day.

I say, the pain pills may ease pain, but the body will not continue with what we want to put into the body. We need to cultivate a good, healthy lifestyle and if we see people that have any mental problems, go the extra mile to find someone to get the facts or someone who can help.

We have in the United States people who need help daily. They want to kill and then kill themselves. How sad for people to be so obsessed that they desire to get out. Make no mistake, this is becoming a problem for this, our beautiful United States.

Laugh, smile, speak up and give a few minutes of time daily. I say, all people who know how to live right come out and help this 21st century find its way of life. Live and help people.