Odor from chemistry lab prompts evacuation of Albany High

Students and staff were sent home for the day on Wednesday

Albany High School (File photo)

Albany High School (File photo)

ALBANY —Odors from a chemistry lab are being blamed with causing the evaluation and eventual closing of Albany High School on Wednesday, according to school officials.

The school at 801 Residence Ave. was evacuated early Wednesday when a noticeable odor similar to that of natural gas was detected. Students and staff members left the building immediately and eventually were sent home for the day.

A parade of authorities checked the facility throughout the day Wednesday. Firefighters with the Albany Fire Department responded immediately and attempted to identify the source of the smell.

Dougherty County School System Spokesperson R.D. Harter told The Herald that no leak was found in any of the school’s utility systems. Water, Gas & Light officials also ran pressure tests at the school and were unable to find a flaw in the school’s gas lines. Officials brought a mechanical device into the school late Wednesday that is capable of detecting any leak.

After all systems were checked, school officials reported late Wednesday that classes will resume today at Albany High School.