WALT SPECHT: Parents are abandoning their basic responsibilities to their children

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Government programs step in to provide care that should be up to parents

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Are we making young people have high expectations of support from charities and the government, while we do not hold accountable their parents who short them?

Children below poverty level now have come to expect toys at Christmas, free meals and entertainment, schools that keep them fed, and charities that supply them with prom dresses.

In the meantime, their parents apparently don’t feed them, for we even feed them during the summer. Their parents don’t get up and make them breakfast before school, because we feed them breakfast. Their parents apparently don’t feed them on weekends, because we make food packages available for the children to take home.

Am I the only one that sees something wrong here? Yes, I know it isn’t the children’s fault for the predicament they are in. However, it is definitely our fault for not holding parents accountable. What does it say about the government programs when individuals get more given to them than if they went to work at an $11-an-hour job?

Time to open our eyes and get our heads out of the sand. Tell these people they will be accountable, or their children will be removed from their homes and the parents charged and jailed for cruelty to children. The parents will be removed from the rolls of the dole, and be completely on their own when released from jail.