WARREN D. GRANT: Grade changing creates questions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The disclosure of student information to the public was not as bad as the actions that were disclosed

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

So far, only one person that I’ve noticed has picked up the real reason Mr. Fretwell is being let go. He divulged information about students to the news media. However I don’t agree with his punishment.

Although the principal, apparently, has the right to change students’ grades, this is a much more egregious act than that of Mr. Fretwell. How a principal could, in good conscience, change those grades and to the degree that he changed them is of the lowest standard a principal could achieve. How long has this been going on? If Mr. Fretwell had not reported this, would it have continued? At what point would these students have ever reached the passing level without grade changing? What’s the point in going to school if you can get a passing grade without knowing anything?

I have to wonder at what level the students that are graduating and have graduated in the past have achieved. I wonder what has happened in other classes. Hasn’t this been answered by reports from the state how on far down the ladder we stand in educating students? A bigger question is, will the grade changing stop, and how will we know?

It appears that school is little more than a place to socialize.