JOHN MCRAE: Resolution of Westiver grade change scandal set poor example

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The mass changing of grades should not have been allowed

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

As a retired principal and teacher in Southwest Georgia, I have followed the grade change scandal at Westover High with interest. With all the problems that have plagued the DCSS over the past years, why a principal would allow, much less participate, in such an action is beyond professional comprehension.

As an outsider, I have read the accounts in the paper and see the powers-that-be have left Mr. Fretwell “out to dry.” Kevin Fretwell’s actions were against policy, but it makes me question, what was the culture of the school and the system that would drive a dedicated coach and teacher to resort to going directly to the paper?

The whistleblower is without a job and those involved, Principal William Chunn, et al, received a five-day pay suspension. What is the example being set? As the BOE looks for a new superintendent, the first question should be: “How will you make this a professional learning community for all — students, parents, staff and educators?”



EDITOR’S NOTE: John McRae is a retired educator who was Georgia Teacher of the Year in 1978 and a High Performing Principal 2006.