WALT SPECHT: Government ignores wasteful spending

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taxpyers foot bill for free wine and cheese on Amtrak

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Today, I learned I am paying for wine and cheese with my tax dollars so Amtrak can lure customers with free wine and cheese. Amtrak says it plans to straighten this out in five years. That is just one part of the billions of dollars Amtrak has lost.

Why not an immediate stop and desist? Let’s face it. It has got to aggravate you a little to see the person in front of you at the grocery store pay with a state card while using the latest iPad. Then there are the cars some of these folks ride in.

Yes, I full well realize there are people in legitimate need, but come on now. How about the man the columnist spoke about that hadn’t eaten, but was going to have steak that night when the card reloaded? Plus, they had the best satellite service available.

Then there are what is referred to as insurance farmers, those that plant expecting failure and the insurance payment. How about the so-called churches and their leaders that are basically money machines and tax avoidance scams? Then the lawyers that aid in defrauding Social Security disability and their clients.

Who the heck is watching the Treasury while all these things go on? Who is recovering these funds?

Time for those of us doing the paying to demand the media do more reporting and the government be forced to provide answers as to why these things go on and, in some cases, are encouraged.