NADINE M. MATHIS: Americans need to relearn kindness

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: American youth are watching a self-absorbed generation

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

We in the United States have become a belligerent, no-caring, whiny, for-self, no-compassion, no-love, no self esteem and our young generation is soaking up all this. If only we could see the writing on the wall.

We, as a nation, must get back to humbleness, kindness, looking out for others, as well as self. People just don’t understand that life is what you make it.

Life is a gift, not to be torn apart. Life comes from God and when he decides you leave here, you go. No choice to be made.

If only our young generation could see the beauty of long-living, to be here to see so many beautiful things, like fall, winter, spring and summer. What a gift, and God gives all this to you.

I say, instead of getting out here breaking into homes and stores, think positive, not negative. Live and let live and be good to the body God gave you. Think before it’s too late.