WALT SPECHT: Feral cats an increasing nuisance

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Property owners should be allowed to destroy free-roaming cats

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Let me first say I have no dislike of cats, or cat people. However, it is time for the state to remove the laws that are in place protecting cats. That or provide vast funding to deal with the problem obeying these laws has caused.

Cats need to be declared an invasive species and removed from the wild completely. If you like cats and want a pet cat, fine. Keep it restricted to your property. Take precautions to control breeding and register a litter, so we know who to blame for dumping the kittens.

For those of you who claim to control rats and mice, live your fantasy. I work where we deal with cats, rats and mice. I still have to have an exterminator for the rats and mice. Plus, the cats make their own problems. The damage done to our native birds, lizards and small mammals is beyond redemption. It will only get worse as the number of cats continues to rise. I strongly believe they are a major part of the Quail decline, just no one wants to say it.

Allow free roaming cats to be destroyed without fear of legal repercussion. It has gotten that bad. No one questions the need to kill pythons or hogs, so why not free-ranging cats? I have had cats and really liked them. However, they stayed within the bounds of my property. Mostly in the house. Never had an unwanted litter, and never had the cat bringing me birds as a present. So, why can’t you cat lovers do the same with your cats?