Propane leak fixed at Albany plant

No evacuation needed at Albany food plant

ALBANY — Firefighters were called to the M&M Mars plant on Oakridge Drive in Albany Thursday when plant employees discovered a propane gas leak behind the main building.

Officials of the Albany Fire Department say that sometime around 9 a.m., firefighters were asked to supervise the repair of a 25,000 gallon emergency propane tank, which was leaking from it’s relief valve. M&M plant officials had discovered the problem and were preparing to correct it before the Fire Department was alerted, said assistant fire chief, Rubin Jordon, who was on the scene.

“They knew what to do,” Jordon said, “They just called (the fire department) as a precautionary measure — to be sure they were doing it right.”

Jordan said the valve was designed to release excess pressure within the tank, which was at about 50 percent capacity, but the valve malfunctioned, probably because of the recent cold weather. The tank is being offloaded and drained, after which the faulty hardware will be replaced by personnel at M&M Mars, Jordon said.

According to Jordon, plant officials were alerted to the propane problem when someone outside the plant picked up the distinctive propane odor. There was never any real danger to plant employees and no one was evacuated, Jordon said.