Former military technicians sentenced

Former sailors given time in prison

ALBANY — Two former pharmacy technicians for the U.S. Navy were sentenced in Albany Thursday on crimes of conspiracy and tax fraud.

A press release issued by the office of Michael J. Moore, U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, states that Anthony David Olson, 53, of Mauk was sentenced to 55 months in a federal prison for the crimes of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and filing a false tax return. Olson’s co-defendant, Patrick Edward Keefe, 34, of Dayville, Conn., was sentenced on the same day to serve 33 months imprisonment for the crime of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The sentences were handed down by W. Louis Sands, U.S. District Court in Albany.

The Justice Department release states that both defendants entered pleas of guilty to the charges on Sept, 27, 2013, in which they admitted that from approximately 1999 to 2009, they were active duty sailors or otherwise employed by the U.S. Navy. Olson was assigned to work as a pharmacy technician at the Naval branch medical clinic at the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, while Keefe was a pharmacy technician at the Naval Hospital in Connecticut, the statement reads.

According the release, the defendants stole insulin and diabetic test strips and sold them to an unlicensed drug wholesaler in Florida, receiving payment through electronic funds transfers or credit card payments. In the release, the Department of Justice describes the pair’s activities as a continuation of a scheme begun by Olson around 2001 while assigned to another Naval hospital. Keefe was recruited by Olson around 2002, the release states.

PayPal records show, the release states, that between January 2005 and October 2009, Olson received approximately $1,037,458 for insulin and diabetic test strips which he and Keefe had stolen from their respective pharmacies, In addition, Keefe admitted that he filed false tax returns for tax years 2005 through 2009, leaving taxes due and owning to the IRS in the amount of $191,808, the release states.

“Mr. Olson and Mr. Keefe betrayed the trust of the United States Navy when they stole and sold essential diabetic medical supplies and tried to line their own pockets,” Moore said in the statement. “Their conduct is excusable and has been justly punished.”

According to the release, the case was investigated by the Naval Criminal Investigative Services and the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation and prosecuted by assistant U.S. attorney, Alan Dasher.