Albany City Commission makes board appointments

Citizen volunteers selected to serve on advisory boards, commissions

ALBANY — The Albany City Commission, as is its custom, took care of a little required housekeeping at a special called business meeting Monday evening, voting on appointments to various advisory boards and commissions that serve the city.

Most applicants submit resumes requesting appointments to the various boards, although some appointments are made specifically by members of the commission.

Appointments approved by the commission Monday include:

— City officials who are reappointed to new terms every two years, including city manager (James Taylor), city attorney (Nathan Davis), assistant city attorney (Chimere Chisolm), city clerk (Sonja Tolbert), assistant city clerk (Sissy Kelly), Municipal Court judge (Willie Weaver), public defender (Ingrid Driskell), city solicitor (Gerald Williams) and associate municipal judge (Ralph Scoccimaro);

— 911 Advisory Board: new Ward II Commissioner Bobby Coleman;

— Aviation Commission: Willie Adams (mayor’s appointment), Ward V Commissioner Bob Langstaff;

— Pension Board: Ward IV Commissioner Roger Marietta;

— Police Civilian Review Board: Kay Hind (mayor’s appointment); Commissioners Coleman and Langstaff had one appointment each and asked to be given more time to find suitable candidates;

— Citizens Advisory Committee: Dr. Charles King, Princella Stegall, Sallie Odom, Ralph Rambeau, Wylene Jones, Mary Ligon, Kowana McKinney, Jawahn Ware;

— Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority Board: Thelma Johnson, Mike Stewart, Martin Carter;

— Citizens Transportation Committee: Larry McClain, Walter Sharpe;

— Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission: Chad Warbington, new Ward III Commissioner B.J. Fletcher;

— Planning Commission: Stephen Kaplan;

— Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful Board: Jeanette Henderson, Jeremiah Paschal, Teresa Edwards, Gary Nevins;

— Southwest Georgia Regional Commission: Stephen Kaplan, Demetrius Love, Commissioner Fletcher;

— Water, Gas & Light Commission Board: Bob Hutchinson; two votes for a second member between Robert Leach and Rashad Flournoy ended in 3-3 ties when Commissioner Jon Howard recused himself from the vote, leaving the seat temporarily unfilled;

— Joint Electrical Board: Willie Emerson, Edward West;

— Joint Gas Board: Mark Holloway, William Walker;

— Joint Plumbing Board: Thomas Driggers, Eural Chastang;

— Joint Heating and Air Conditioning Board: Billy Goodson, Thomas Driggers, Sanford Hillsman;

— Fire Code Board of Appeals: Rosa Malone, Bruce Campbell, Charles Mitchell.