JOHN BRYANT: Change is not always progress

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tradition has its place in our lives

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

When I read “Rant and Raves,” I knew I would have to comment. This person that started the discussion about “tradition bad, change good” will probably end up with some jingle in his or her pocket.

Every time I think of tradition, I think of weddings, babies, baby showers, birthdays and just being happy! Hank Williams Jr. probably sang it best with the song “Family Tradition.”

If this person would just stop and think about change in a positive way, maybe reality would set in. Change involves everyone, as in relationships. Can you keep a job, a home or even an animal? Change may be what keeps you from having what you really desire.

Religion is a good tradition to keep people on a path to happiness. And you can’t change that!