WARREN D. GRANT: Columnist Cynthia Tucker voice of liberals

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cynthia Tucker is heir apparent to to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

The Final Chapter cannot be complete without voting for the person most likely to take over for Al and Jesse. And the winner is … Cynthia Tucker.

The picture shows her with the winning smile. She is, at best, a Monday morning quarterback. She runs the GOP in the ground on every avenue available, but suffers from the same ailment that she so much accuses the GOP of week after week and that is the “I don’t have the answer either” syndrome.

And just what is “a handful of Turks” anyway? She goes on to say, “As the United States — like the rest of the industrialized world — grapples with structural economic changes that are hollowing out the middle class.” Does she not know what party has been abusing the Constitution and lying repeatedly like a cheap rug from the White House?

“If only they (GOP) were sincere” is the most egregious statement she can possibly make considering Obama hasn’t told the truth since the day he was born. “Take Rubio’s speech. His proposals were warmed-over Republican rhetoric from the last three decades.” I wonder if she heard that if she liked her health care she could keep it? That’s been wormed-over so many times it looks more like a smoke signal.

As for mentioning Lyndon Johnson, wasn’t he the one who said, “I’ll have the blacks voting Democrat for the next 100 years” after his famous “Great Society” movement? She accuses the GOP of having no plans for reducing poverty and says it is “just a plan to fool the political classes into thinking they have.” Claiming “America’s poor deserve more that that” must mean she thinks they should get a raise on their “Peach Card.” More later from the other side.