JIMMY WEASE: Police make a traumatic holiday experience uplifting

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Christmas gifts stolen during a residential break-in are recovered

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

As I read the paper and see the section for the Bright Side, I find it so refreshing and pleasant, given the negative aspects of The Squawkbox. I would like to share the events we went through during the Christmas season that, though traumatic at first, turned out to be an uplifting, positive experience.

My wife (Geneva) and I are retired homeowners living in a quiet area of Dougherty County and, finding ourselves on limited income, we plan months in advance for the Christmas season, especially with several grandchildren and extended family to plan for.

We had basically completed our Christmas gift buying and had our gifts wrapped and under the tree when on Sunday the 8th, while we were at church, unknown thieves forced entry — kicking in two rear doors — came into our home and stole all of the gifts.

When we got home from church, we were devastated, not only over the loss of the gifts, but also the physical damage to our home.

After a couple of days to get over the shock, my wife and I, during our morning devotions, asked the Lord to bless the persons who had done this and that the gifts they had taken would be of benefit and a blessing to them and possibly their children. We then planned how to replace a few of the gifts we had for the grandchildren.

On the Friday the 13th, we received a call from the Dougherty County police and they asked for a verbal description of the gifts, which my wife gave with much detail. We were informed the Albany police had stopped a vehicle with numerous Christmas gifts in it and, working with them, we would be called later for a possible visual identification for ours.

We received a second call and on a visit to the Dougherty County Police Department, we recognized our gifts — still wrapped with the name tags on them. After the police completed processing, we got them back and then with rewrapping, they were given as intended, with much praise to the Lord and heartfelt gratitude to both police departments.

We have nothing but highest praise for the professional service and consideration we experienced in dealing with all of the personnel at the police department, especially the initial responding officer and Investigator Kirkpatrick.

As scripture states: “The Lord does work in mysterious ways, his miracles to preform.”