STEVE TAMBRONI: Federal government ignores the real problems

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Welfare recipients who can work and illegal immigrants get free passes

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Another State of the Union address, another empty speech filled with half-truths, rhetoric and lies. One point I would like to focus on is the president’s remarks about hard working Americans.

I find it interesting and particularly frustrating that time and again Obama and others speak out about income equality and how no one who works 40 hours a week should live in poverty. I agree with this perspective, but it should be understood that government policy is the greatest impediment to this goal becoming reality. Obama said nothing comes easy in America.

What is conspicuously absent whenever the subject of hardworking Americans is addressed is the fact that tens of millions of able-bodied Americans who are able to work continue to suck the blood out of our nation’s wealth. This welfare state makes living easy for those who scam the system, often for generations, through welfare, food stamps and any other government giveaway they can lay their hands on. These are the true dregs of society, yet the government that enables them refuses to address them.

In reality, those who scam the system — illegal immigrants and those able to work — have more rights than hardworking Americans. It’s time for hardworking Americans to address these issues. Contact your representatives and demand they address welfare reform and illegal immigration.