WALT SPECHT: The taxpayers are the losers with the Affordable Care Act

LETTER TO THE EDITIOR: Taxpayers will have to foot the bill for insurance company losses

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

The universal health care act isn’t going the way it was envisioned. Everyone was supposed to participate, to distribute the cost over the widest segment of the population. That way the healthy could help pay for the sick, and everyone pays less.

First, we had the administration allow certain select groups exemption. Then we found out the younger members of society were smart enough to figure out the fine was far better for them than enrollment. Then we found out it really mattered on the local pool of doctors and hospitals if a deal were available. Here we found out that our rates would be three times the rates of other areas where there was more medical coverage available. I also found out the policy was half again as much as I would have paid if I had prior private insurance.

Now, we have some legislators pointing at two provisions in the bill that would force taxpayers to pick up any losses the insurance companies might incur. So we are insuring the insurance companies against potential loss.

Looks like we have really been conned on this one. While the idea was good, and noble, it lacked the wording and forethought to make it operationally and fiscally responsible. The system appears more open to fraud than Medicare and Medicaid ever were, from both sides. Both the insured and the insurer can play within this broad field. We, the taxpayers are the ones assured of losing the game.