BILL CASH: New Georgia gun carry law does not change anything

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Local governments should not circumvent the state law

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

After reading the article quoting City Attorney Nathan Davis on the new Georgia weapons law, I don’t understand what is causing so much upheaval. Licensed gun owners have been carrying their guns into all the places mentioned long before this law was passed. Not everyone carries on their hip.

As far as the “government” buildings, I ask everyone to take a long look at what is being said. Some people have begun carrying weapons because it has become so common place for thugs to rob and beat the public. The police are far outnumbered and can’t be every place all the time and the bad guys know it. Besides, the bad guys don’t have any respect for law enforcement anymore. They would just as soon shoot “a cop” as anyone else.

Now, to try to circumvent the law is just not sensible. The cost far outweighs any danger the change may cause, since people have been carrying their weapons into these places all along anyway. It’s reasonable to have all the police at the entrance of the courthouse, but other than that, there simply is no need. If the cities and counties begin to try to override the state law it’s going to turn into a mess nobody needs.

If a person carries a weapon for protection, it makes no sense to ask them to “leave it in the car,” especially women and the elderly who are targeted more often. That’s like asking the police officer to reduce his protection to a billy club. No, folks, it’s a much better approach to leave well enough alone. Watch out for the “bad guys” and leave the good, law-abiding people with the means to protect themselves.