JOHN BRYANT: U.S. economy is leaning toward the lean

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Obama administration has done too much trimming

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

In a world where the P.C. Patrol is alive and well, on an MSNBC program a caption in the right corner of the TV screen says, “Lean forward.” Some meanings for the word lean is like leaning forward as a direction. Leaning backwards would be the opposite.

Another meaning of the word lean would be as in bacon. In meat, you have lean and fat. I think this is the best meaning, as in “trim the fat.” A bad meaning would be trim the economy. A lean economy would be small, such as it is now.

If the president of these United States had completed all of his campaign promises in his first term, he might have fooled everyone in his second term and had enough time to complete all of the changes he had on his agenda. The economy is lean, the jobs are lean, the military is getting leaner and he almost has his administration in place.