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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany worse off without Taylor

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

City Manager James Taylor resigned at noon Monday, July 6. The criticism and abuse he took for making correct and right decisions for the current and future operations of Albany were stupid. Albany is a better place because of his long-range vision for its future. Dealing with Albany’s problems, criticism and verbal abuse affected his health.

Tom Berry will be a good city manager. He has already told the truth about individuals he named and the reasons they were holding WG&L back from growing. These individuals, namely (Tommie) Postell and (Roger) Marietta, will explore ways to intimidate and control Berry. Failing that, they both will explode. If they succeed, then Albany, especially downtown, will be boarded up and businesses will leave. Then, the gangs of Albany win and the taxpayers lose. Albany will not become a third-world country but a place no one visits. Pay respects to the dead.

Mr. and Mrs. James Taylor, as you leave the city limits of Albany, look in your rear-view mirror and smile. You have won. A myth exists that “nice guys finish last.” You, however, finished first.

Enjoy retirement with your family and friends. The future will prove that you got Albany on the path of success to again be “The Good Life City.” Postell and Marietta will be frustrated. That’s okay with me.