JOHN LAKE ADAMS: Copy of presidential biking award sought

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Certificate from 1976 is lost by local sports group

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Back in 1976, I was 32 years old. I rode a 10-speed bicycle from Pelham to Lubbock, Texas, in 15 days, a trip of 1,600 miles total. When I got home in late July or early August, someone suggested that I should send the evidence of my trip to the President’s Council on Sports and Fitness.

I did this, and in late August or September, President Jimmy Carter sent me an award for bicycling.

Later on, someone suggested that I lend my award certificate to the Mitchell County Sports hall of Fame and they might consider me for membership. I loaned it to them and waited 10 or 12 years, then I decided that they were not interested and started trying to get it back from them.

I tried to get this certificate for two or three years. The director kept telling me that he was looking for it and had not found it yet. So I guess it has been lost forever.

If anybody in Plains reads this letter, I would appreciate some help from Mr. Jimmy Carter, if he remembers this. All I want is a copy of the certificate.

My home number is (229) 294-0993. My cell is 9229) 288-8515.