EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Traffic light needed at Oakland on U.S. Highway 82

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Will it take an injury to a well-known person to spark action?

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Authorities have not placed a traffic light at U.S. Highway 82/Georgia Highway 520, Hickory Groves and Oakland Parkway. That is not uncommon when dealing with politicians.

I remember Savannah built the Desoto Hilton Hotel after they tore down the old brick Desoto Hotel. One convention involve the Bar Association’s convention. The judge that swore in Lyndon B. Johnson as president after President Kennedy’s death was invited.

Georgia Highway 308 ran from U.S. Highway 17 to Savannah airport, but the road had a jog in at U.S. Highway 80. So they made the road continuous, but the county and the state discussed the traffic control device at U.S. 80. The county placed a four-way stop sign. Each said the other was reasonable for the traffic light and its costs.

The judge who was invited to speak at the convention was involved in an accident at the U.S. 80 and Georgia 308 intersection. Did you know that a traffic light was placed at the disputed intersection almost overnight after the incident?

Will an accident with the same type of important person cause the authorities to take action here?