JUDY GLASS: Dougherty School System should address technology initiative

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Better technology could help students improve performance

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Having read so many comments and squawks in reference to the “One-to-One Technology Initiative,” it would be nice if Mr. Mosely or a representative from the Dougherty County School Board would address the purchase of these laptops and tablets.

According to the newspaper articles, these are being purchased with SPLOST money, not from property taxes. Therefore, that money has been earmarked for that specific purchase. Teachers do have laptops, however, they are not new and are not in the best shape or of the best quality. My daughter is a teacher in the DCSS, had one of their laptops and it was absolutely not worth the trouble. It was always crashing or not working properly. I think DCSS’s I.T. department is spread so thin that issues with her computer never were resolved. I would hope with the purchase of this equipment that the DCSS would hire additional qualified people to help with what may arise with laptops and tablets.

I am sure that the DCSS has plans put into place prior to students receiving these tablets. They are not going to just hand out thousands of tablets without security measures. I am sure that while on the grounds of their schools they will not be able to get into any program that is not approved by and allowed by their teachers during the day. This may also be a reason they did not purchase $200 tablets. I am sure it costs extra for insurance, tracking devices, etc. to ensure these tablets are in working condition at all times and to prevent anyone from thinking that they can pawn them. According to one article not all students within the system will be getting these tablets right away. It is obvious that the students do not get individual textbooks and learning materials, and with the technology today, this may be one step in the right direction.

The kids today are exposed to so much technology, let’s see if that will help them become better students while in school.