Albany teens arrested on entering vehicle charges

Two teens are accused of entering autos in West Albany

Antovious Allen

Antovious Allen

ALBANY — Officers with the Albany Police Department have arrested two teenagers who have been charged with illegal entry of vehicles, APD officials say.

Police spokeswoman Phyllis said that around 12:30 a.m. today, officers arrested Antovious Allen, 18, and his unidentified minor companion on Third Avenue, just off North Slappey Boulevard.

Each teen is charged with five counts of entering an automobile, officials say. According to Banks, the pair were found in the possession of electronic items that police say may have been stolen.

Banks said that in arresting the teens the officers were acting on a tip that two suspicious individuals had been seen riding bicycles after midnight and trying door handles in the area of Relswood Terrace and West Third Avenue.