LEIGH ANNE BJERREGAARD: The party may be just beginning

GUEST COMMENTARY: Reports of the death of the tea party are greatly exaggerated

Leigh Anne Bjerregaard

Leigh Anne Bjerregaard

I disagree with John Wallace’s column “The Party is over for the Tea Party,” as I have most of what he espouses. As a caveat, I am not a tea party member, but have attended three rallies over four years and communicate with an 83,000-member site of conservative women and men across the nation on a weekly basis.

First, using the “nudge” social scientist technique (from Obama’s Science of Change, Time magazine article), he guides the masses through group dynamics to a preconceived notion. The establishment, mainstream media and progressives all are using the same “mantra.” It is a way to control thought.

Groups like FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity are more established, but many tea party people have never heard of them nor interacted with them. FreedomWorks has moved to more conservative leaders and members. I do not agree with the AFP on several important issues, including education. News flash: The hated “bogeymen” Koch (“coke”) brothers have given money to Democrats and Harry Reid!

Also, there is no tea party! They are not a political party and have no establishment power of any kind. When they do endorse a candidate, the candidate is outspent by 2-20 times!

There are between 600-1,000 different tea party groups. If 2009 was the start of the tea party, according to Mr. Wallace, then they are doing wonders, including the 2010 Republican surge. Considering that the Republican and Democratic parties have had 190 to 223 years to get their acts together and in five-plus years the freedom groups are affecting change, I would say that is a success!

Some party-type protests against over-taxation occurred in 2005 in Alabama. Heck, my family and friends 8-10 years ago (2002-04) in Boston Tea Party garb and with tea bags in tow came to a commission meeting here to protest several tax increases. The 2009 beginning is not accurate.

The philosophy of all these groups focuses on taxed enough already (TEA). They fought the TARP bailout, the ARRA (stimulus now responsible for the public school upheavals/common core), more debt, and support the Constitution (the foundation of American government). The members are masses of citizens who are diverse in age, gender, race and parties.They are conservatives, libertarians, independents, disaffected Democrats and Republicans, among others. The New York Times shows that 21 percent of its membership is nonwhite.

Obviously, Mr. Wallace forgets that the ongoing compromising is what got us the $17 trillion debt for his children and grandchildren to pay. The whining, victim-hood false mantras he uses of the “war on women, the poor, climate control and health care” are ways to deflect the issues! Obama already has, unfortunately, won the war against the poor, women, health care and veterans. Look at the black, women and young black unemployment rates, and the nightmare of Obamacare, and veterans mistreatment.

Mr. Wallace claims that the tea party has lost touch with the conservatives? The philosophy and movement are conservatism, and will not end. It is the thirst for freedom born in the hearts of men. Do you believe in effective government? Limited government? The Constitution (which our Congress pledges to uphold)? Want a better life and future for your children? If so, then you have the tea party philosophy and thirst for freedom.

I encourage all people to watch and share the YouTube videos of “Intolerable” and “Building the Machine” to learn about the tea party and education. The progressives and the establishment want to “nudge” everyone into thinking the freedom movement is over, but they are far from right, and that is what they fear.”

Leigh Anne Bjerregaard, of Leesburg, is a retired registered nurse, a homeschooler and a grandkids-sitter.