WILLIAMS CLASS: You have a choice and a voice

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: This letter is part of a fifth-grade project at International Studies Elementary Charter School, Albany, on child and elderly abuse

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

This year for our fifth-grade exhibition, we researched two topics: child and elderly abuse. We learned that child and elderly abuse is more than just bruises and broken bones. This type of abuse affects people from all walks of life. Families that seem to have it all from the outside are hiding different stories behind closed doors. We wanted to share the findings from our research with the larger community so that others would be aware of the abuse that is taking place.

There are four basic types of abuse: mental, physical, emotional and verbal. Abuse can be any action or inaction by self or others that jeopardizes the health or well being of another individual. Children that are abused are more likely to repeat the cycle of abuse as adults. Children and the elderly are abused by strangers, most often though abuse comes from family members and others close to the family. These physical and emotional scars leave lasting marks throughout the life of the abused.

We feel that with a collective effort we can all make a change. If you notice signs of abuse please report it to a trusted adult. We must remember to report these signs because it is better to be safe than sorry. There are hotlines setup for victims’ abuse such as 1 (800) 621-4673 and 1 (800) 422-4453. Regardless of the type of abuse inflicted, the results linger many years after the harm is done.

You have a choice so use your voice.

Mr. Williams’ Fifth Grade Class

International Studies Elementary Charter School, Albany