Vince King named new Sherwood basketball coach

Vince King is Sherwood’s sixth coach in six years

Vince King

Vince King

ALBANY — After a season that ended with head coach Bryan Gelfand’s firing, the Sherwood Christian Academy boys basketball team is turning to Vince King to provide some stability.

King was hired Monday as coach of the Eagles, and athletic director Eddie Dixon said the former assistant is the perfect fit to help heal a program that has now had six coaches in six years.

“I had several resumes in for the job, but this was an easy fit for us,” Dixon said. “He is a guy we can trust, and his coaching style works very well with our program.”

King, who brings more than a dozen years of high school coaching experience to the table, was an assistant varsity coach the past two years and served as the interim head coach during the 2013-14 postseason after Gelfand was fired for what headmaster Glen Schultz at the time called conduct “unbecoming of a coach or a staff member.”

King has the coaching pedigree, but more importantly to Dixon and the Sherwood administration, he has the right attitude.

“This school wants to really have an athletic program that is successful,” King said. “We want to win, and I want to win — but we want to do it in a way that honors Christ. I believe we can do that and be successful.”

King was the junior varsity coach and varsity assistant for the Sherwood girls for three seasons prior to joining the boys coaching staff, and his journey to Sherwood included a seven-year stint at Byne Christian — where he served as the girls basketball coach and athletic director.

He will be guiding the Eagles into their first season in the Georgia Independent Christian Athletic Association, a league that was recently formed and is still trying to establish itself within the state. King, however, is well-versed in leading the Eagles through new and challenging situations.

King took over the team in the wake of Gelfand’s suspension and found a way to lead the Eagles to their first GISA Region 3-AA title in four years and into the playoffs as a No. 1 seed. It was a postseason run that he believes provided a good foundation for his new role as head coach.

“He has great leadership skills and does things like mentor guys, so it’s not all about coaching,” Dixon said. “He has been here for five years now, and he’s a class act. … He’s not going to rant and rave. He is going to be steady, and that’s an important thing for us.”

King doesn’t necessarily see his future at Sherwood being long term, but said he wants to give the administration proper time to vet future coaching candidates.

“I think the school would like to find someone who is more long term,” King said. “But I told them I would do whatever the school needs to move forward and will give them time to find someone who is right for the job.”