GENE SUTTON: Prisoner exchange a slap in the face to family of slain hero

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Swapping five terrorists for soldier who walked off post was wrong

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

What is our nation coming to under Obama?

Well, the people of this country have been misled into thinking Bush was the worst president, but to any parent or friend of a hero who paid the ultimate price for our freedom, it truly is clear that Obama is the worst president ever voted into office by his actions of releasing five members of the Taliban for one American who can hardly be called a soldier since he walked off his post with no regard to his country in 2009.

Since his capture, six U.S. soldiers died trying to find this deserter.

Why did Obama trade for a deserter? What a slap in the face this is for me. What did my son die for?



EDITOR’S NOTE: Gene Sutton is the father of the late Lance Cpl. Steven Sutton, who was killed in an attack in Afghanistan in May 26, 2012.