WALT SPECHT: Mandated backup cameras in autos just another con

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vehicle backup cameras have benefits for profit, not safety

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Once again the public is being conned.

How, you ask? Simple. The federal government wants us all to have backup cameras. So we will be paying for backup cameras on new cars. Who really uses these things? I have been in several motor homes that had them and, aside from backing into a tight space, I have never seen them checked before just backing up. I have been in cars with them, same thing.

Now, who really benefits from these cameras? Why the Manufacturers of them, and the car dealership earns extra money for them. Plus, it adds to the tax bill on the higher purchase price.

Remember seat belts? Mandatory installation and use. Yet, we still have folks not using them, as evidenced by several accidents lately.

Why not just look behind your car for the 20 or so kids that are supposed to be able to hide there? The folks that do this will be the same folks that will use that high-dollar camera. Just like the folks that don’t bring a gun to work will be the folks that obey the posted signs, someone intent on doing wrong will ignore the signs. Yet, we shall pay more to set up check points at all government buildings that didn’t have them before. Good for metal detector sales, and employment of security personnel.

Why do we keep doing this? Simply because we are fools and are allowing our concerns and fears dictate where the money goes, even if those fears really don’t have much basis in fact.