Fire officials investigate incident on Walgreens on Dawson Road in Albany

Arson is suspected in drug store fire

ALBANY — A fire that is determined to have been intentionally set at the Walgreens in Dawson Road is under investigation, officials with the Albany Fire Department said.

Firefighters responded to the store at 2351 Dawson Road at around 10:30 p.m. Sunday, shortly after the store closed. The sprinkler system went off in the unoccupied establishment, helping to extinguish the flame in the one aisle that was affected. After entry was gained, firefighters helped to further confine the fire by putting out some items that were still smoldering, said AFD Chief James Carswell, after which they ventilated the building.

There was minimal structural damage with smoke throughout the building. Until it is determined whether the affected merchandise at the Walgreens can be sold, it is unclear how much of a property loss is involved, the chief said.

Carswell said an investigation into the fire has determined that is was intentionally set. An arson attempt had been made on the store the previous day but was unsuccessful. Investigators are still going through videotapes, so they are not sure at this point who is behind the incidents, he said.