HAROLD D. BARRONTON: Store encroaching in residential area

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Locating a discount store in a residential neighborhood is unacceptable

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I read in this morning’s paper (Tuesday) that the county has approved the building of a Family Dollar store at the corner of Weymouth and Gillionville Road. This is not news this neighborhood will welcome.

This neighborhood has been blessed with little commercialization for over 40 years. To build a Family Dollar store that will back up to nice, well-kept family homes is simply not acceptable. This will attract traffic that will congest streets that children play next to. There are already too many vehicles speeding in Gillionville at 55-plus mph. Weymouth and Lockett Station will now have an increase in traffic.

The people who have spent years investing time, work and money into their homes and neighborhood will now have the rear of a commercial building staring at them. Trash bins and trucks will now be in their back yards. This will be a pleasant sight, I’m sure.

As one resident has shown, Family Dollar has a poor record in keeping their current properties clean and trash-free. is this to be that fate of a longtime, quiet residential area? Apparently the county commissioners believe so.

I understand The Herald is reluctant to criticize local politicians and government, but this is something you as the press should oppose.

Albany has long had an attitude that there is no sanctity of neighborhoods. Tear down the community and build another car lot or convenience store, but the local people will just have to take it one more time. Broad Avenue and Dawson Road are prime examples of the poor planning the local government does.

I sincerely hope the commission will reconsider this ill-advised decision.