RANDY COOPER: U.S. Rep. Austin Scott takes wrong stance on immigration

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: There should be no amnesty for those who illegally enter the United States

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I want to applaud Congressman Austin Scott for not supporting the liberal Kevin McCarthy as the new Majority Leader in the House of Representatives. In a losing effort, Scott supported the more Conservative Raul Labrador.

Speaking of previous Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s loss, Scott said, “I don’t consider Eric’s loss a shot at him as much as it is dissatisfaction that we as Republicans aren’t standing up for the things we said we were for when we campaigned and we asked people for their votes. …”

Congressman Scott hit the nail on the head. I am pleased that he recognizes his shortcomings as well. In this regard, and in light of what is happening on our southern border, I want to give the congressman a prime example that will hit close to home.

Here is his stated position on illegal immigration and what he campaigned on: “We must first secure our borders, remove the illegal immigrants currently in our country and enforce our existing immigration laws before we attempt to implement any type of immigration reform.”

However, Congressman Scott is in direct violation of his stated immigration position and his promise to his constituents by co-sponsoring the Enlist Act, which gives amnesty to illegal immigrants and allows them to enlist in our military.

Congressman Scott must stop encouraging more illegal immigrants to cross the border by stopping his co-sponsorship of the Enlist Act. Congressman Scott must stand up to the Washington, D.C., establishment by rejecting amnesty, demanding the border be secured and helping to send the message that if you come illegally, you will be sent back and not rewarded in any way.