JAMES W. KING: Zap mosquitoes before they bite

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bug zaapers are effective at controlling mosquitoes at residences

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Each spring and summer, warm weather and rain results in mosquito infestations. I live in western rural Dougherty County in a home located 2/10 mile off the county road, and wet weather ponds and swamps make mosquito control necessary. Due to the location and distance, the occasional spraying by the county is of little or no benefit to me. I have to solve my mosquito problem.

Each year in The Squawkbox, there are complains that the city or county needs to spray or is behind schedule. In my opinion, Americans have become too dependant on government — federal, state, and local — to solve their problems as opposed to assuming personal responsibility and taking action themselves.

The easiest and best way to kill mosquitoes is with a bug zapper electrocution light. A UV blue or black light attracts the mosquitoes and they contact an electrical grid that electrocutes them. You can stand back and watch the mini-sparks, somewhat like a mini-lightning storm. During peak infestations, I often kill a handful or even two handfuls in one night. I have never tried to count them, but I estimate numbers as high as 1,000-2,000 dead mosquitoes. I rotate my light among several different locations around my home and property. Plug it in at dusk and leave it on all night until about an hour past morning dawn. Other brands are available but I use the STINGER brand.

Mosquitoes may carry the West Nile virus, encephalitis and other viruses, bacteria or parasites that cause infections and diseases. The electrocution light and a heavy-duty extension cord are a safe and low-cost way of preventing mosquito-related health problems and the annoying itching.