ARLEEN SCHULTZ: Employees derserve better consideation

LETTER TO THE EDITIOR: Eliminating positions with no warning is poor business

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

This letter is in reference to recent, as well as not so recent, “eliminations of positions” at various corporations and organizations in Albany and the surrounding area. I understand that budgets must be adhered to and personnel adjustments made accordingly, especially in light of our current economic conditions; however, the manner in which those changes (eliminations of certain jobs) have sometimes been made is, to me, unconscionable.

To tell employees, some of whom were long-term (20 years and more) employees, that their positions have been eliminated immediately with no prior warning or notice whatsoever and no explanation for their termination is extremely unfair and, I believe, reflects on the character of those in charge of making those decisions: that they have little regard for the welfare of their employees.

Surely a little compassion and consideration could be shown by such for-profit as well as not-for-profit corporations/organizations. And to those that “do the right thing” in terms of restructuring/reductions-in-force, kudos!

Those that decide to take the other path and choose expedience over conscience-driven, morally-based decisions must realize the impact of those decisions on the morale of their current employees. Surely those employees must live in fear that they, too, may become victims of job losses via an immediate-dismissal policy, with little or no regard for their competence, seniority or loyalty.