Teen maze to challenge area students

Event set Tuesday and Wednesday at Albany State University

ALBANY — Some Southwest Georgia middle school students will soon receive a lesson in real life when they attend the 2014 “Get A Life” Teen Maze on March Tuesday and Wednesday in the Albany State University HPER Gym.

The Teen Maze is a large, interactive life simulation where students are shown the positive and negative consequences of their behavior and life choices.

“This is a fun, interactive learning experience outside of the classroom,” said Eddie McBride, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital’s Network of Trust project coordinator. “It is an opportunity to teach kids about making positive decisions that will not only impact their current choices, but the decisions they may face throughout their lifetime.”

The “Get a Life” Maze is a life-sized, interactive event where participants advance by “chance.” Each participant draws random choices about life decisions they make regarding risky behaviors. Cards are drawn, dice are rolled, or a wheel is spun to learn the consequences of these actions, both good and bad. Those who draw cards avoiding risky behaviors are rewarded by moving on to Graduation.

Others learn the potential consequences of risky behavior, loss of freedom, medical problems, pregnancy, STD’s, dropping out of school, prison, unemployment and possible death. Paths are randomly assigned, so no two participants have the same experience … such as in real life.

The event will be open to the public and Albany State students from 3-5 p.m. Tuesday. The event is sponsored by Phoebe’s Network of Trust, Taking Time for Teens Coalition, We Are One ASU. The event is funded in part by a grant from SAMHSA and is hosted by Albany State University’s HPER Club and PASA Club